HOTSPLOTS Passenger Flow / Passenger Volume


HOTSPLOTS utilises WiFi usage data from existing hotspots to gain further information and thus expand the range of functions and evaluation options. Based on this, passenger flows and passenger volumes can be determined and visualised.

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100,000.00 €

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    Product Request

    Based on HOTSPLOTS Telemetry, the project-specific expansion of data processing is carried out within the framework of HOTSPLOTS Passenger Flows & Passenger Volume, including the recording of data from end devices in the hotspot environment and other information available in the vehicle.
    These can be data on the current trip (e.g. information on line, stop or direction of travel) and from the vehicle itself (e.g. door signals).

    HOTSPLOTS processes the available information and displays these graphically or provides the aggregated data for integration into customer systems via API.

    The solution is divided into the two sections "Passenger Volume" and "Passenger Flows", which can be used for different application scenarios.

    ** The HOTSPLOTS Passenger Volume / Passenger Flow product, which is ideally suited to your project, will be provided with our binding offer. **