HOTSPLOTS CDN - Content Delivery Network


By using the HOTSPLOTS CDN (Content Delivery Network) service, updating the landing pages (e.g. a portal) which are available locally on one or more mobile hotspot routers can be greatly simplified and automated via an SFTP upload interface.

Price upon request

100,000.00 €

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    Product Request

    With HOTSPLOTS CDN, site operators have the flexibility to transfer their own HTML content in the form of a static HTML tree to the routers in a centralised and time-controlled manner. The design and editorial responsibility of the content is in the hands of the site owner and can be provided as *.tar, *.gz or *.zip files. The HTML content can be designed by the site operator with video files (e.g. image video, explanatory videos), image material (e.g. overview maps) or documents (e.g. timetables, customer magazine).

    The content referenced in the HTML tree is delivered via the web server of the hotspot router to all WiFi devices via the landing page. This landing page is shown before or after the login page

    ** The HOTSPLOTS CDN product, which is ideally suited to your project, will be provided with our binding offer. **