HOTSPLOTS Entertainment


HOTSPLOTS Entertainment offers a flexible supplement to the WiFi offer especially for tourists on camping sites, as an addition in dormitories or to cover travel or waiting times in passenger traffic. Daily updated TV entertainment, documentaries and news - with HOTSPLOTS Entertainment you can offer your guests and passengers an attractive entertainment programme.

Price upon request

100,000.00 €

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    Product Request

    ** We will send you the HOTSPLOTS Entertainment product, which is ideally suited to your project, with our binding offer. **

    HOTSPLOTS TV to go

    HOTSPLOTS TV to go allows you to use dailymeTV locally at your stationary or mobile WiFi hotspot. A selection of films, documentaries, series, news, children's content and English-language content are always available offline on the hotspot router or HOTSPLOTS appliance. This saves your available mobile phone data volume or internet bandwidth and enables use even if there is currently no internet connection. Depending on the target group, the storage medium and the Internet connection, the local storage can be used flexibly for "prefetched" content, which is synchronised automatically, and cached content, which is only downloaded when a user retrieves it.

    HOTSPLOTS Cinema

    Whether in buses or trains - with HOTSPLOTS Cinema you can expand your offer with exciting on-demand entertainment featuring movies and series. Our powerful hotspot hardware in combination with the HOTSPLOTS Media Stick, on which the content is stored, brings exciting entertainment via the local WiFi to the devices of your passengers and customers.